How to Get Unlimited 500GB Cloud Storage ? in 2021

What is Cloud Storage ?

Cloud Storage Means The Hosted Storage Service. This storage also known as virtual storage where files can be stored online Which helps user to access those files from anywhere of the world. The hosted or Stored Files on Cloud Service are highly secured  Which makes these cloud service very much popular and expensive. 

Features of cloud storages ?

  1. Users can access their files from anywhere of the world by simply having internet access
  2. Highly Secured, Users can make their files Highly secured by making those files Private or They can easily make their files accesible by public using sharing systems.
  3. Share and Receive Files Easily.
  4. Fastest Downloading and uploading Speed
  5. Free  Limited Storages.

Benefits of cloud storages ?

  • Total Costs of Ownership : You Donot Have purchase any type of hardware storage which is limited and inaccessible from any other places . Using Cloud Storage You can increace or decrease your storage capacity as per you need by simply paying Such amount to the operators.
  • Auditable Rules : By these Rules the users can easily transfer their data from  their cloud storage to others cloud storage,Secure their data as per their rules on each files defined by them which prevents their secret datas from being stolen.
  • Files Management : User can manage their files on cloud storage by simply creating specific folders for specific files which helps the user to acess or find their files easily and faster.

How to get 500GB Cloud Storage ?

Now a days everyone uses internet and everyone needs cloud storage to share their files most of the peoples use Google drive , mega, dubox, onedrive these types of cloud storages, but the storage provided by these popular cloud storages are very low which is not enough for most of the peoples so that i found some Cloud storage service who providing 500GB Free Cloud storages which is more than 10x of gdrive,onedrive  so lets get started.

Follow these steps to get 500GB Cloud storage for free.

Step 1. Go to this site CLICK HERE
Step 2. Type your Username , email and password,
Step 3. Now Simply Click on Signup Button.
Step 4. Done! you got 500GB Cloud Storage.

How to Get Unlimited storage ?

Umm in this paid world no one gives unlimited storages every cloud storage operators in the world provides limited storages but the above given cloud storage operator provides 500GB which is more than enough for many users but some users need more storage or unlimited for those sorry no one provides unlimited storages but you can make unlimited accounts on this cloud storage site which is typically a unlimited.

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